When lenders are considering yo

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When lenders are considering yo

Postby huge12345 » Tue Feb 19, 2019 8:14 am

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U.S. crude inventories have been rising for seven consecutive weeks, and market forecast that an eighth build of 2.9 million barrels occurred last week.

U.S. rigs classified as drilling for oil are up 5 to 602 last week, according to data released by oilfield service company Baker Hughes on Friday. It was the first time U.S. oil rigs topped 600 since October 2015.

Analysts said the data fueled worries that global crude oil glut may be intensified.

The West Texas Intermediate for April Delivery lost 0.04 dollars to settle at 54.01 dollars a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, while Brent crude for April delivery decreased 0.34 dollars to close at 55.59 dollars a barrel on the London ICE Futures Exchange.

Society > Military > Military History > War > World War 1Adjustable Rate Mortgages: This Home Mortgage Loan May Not Be For The Weak At Heart

Posted by nick_niesen in Society on October 29th nike cortez ultra moire kopen , 2010

I heard the news about another interest rate hike and thought it was about time to look into refinancing my mortgage. I contacted my mortgage company first.

"I am interested in a fixed mortgage rate." I said.

"May I ask why that is?" The broker asked politely.

"I don't want to deal with the risk of rising interest rates. At my age, I cannot afford the risk.聰

"Looking at your last ten years of history, you have done pretty well with the adjustable rate. In fact nike cortez classic nylon dames kopen , you had paid less in interest than most people with a fixed loan. May I suggest that we look at some adjustable rates, which are even less than the rate you聮re paying and with caps you don聮t have to worry about the interest rate hikes. I think we can save you a few hundred dollars off your monthly payment."

At this point the broker took a breather so that I can say, "No thank you. I am only interested in a fixed rate mortgages." "I don't understand. Are you not interested in saving money?" He asked before launching into a lecture that had a mix of economy 101 nike cortez classic nylon heren kopen , budgeting 1, a dash of fortune telling and a healthy and totally unrealistic optimism of future trend in interest rates.

When he was done I explained to him that I recall the 18%-19% interest on mortgage loans in the early 1980's that he seemed too young to remember. I pointed out that on a $100,000 loan nike cortez classic nylon kopen , the 18% interest is $1,500 per month on the mortgage interest alone. If you have a $200,000 loan the interest alone would be a back-breaking payment of $3 www.cortezkopen.com ,000 per month.

I knew he thought I am out of my mind thinking about an 18% mortgage interest rate in today聮s environment. At the end we ended the phone conversation without any resolution. The gap in understanding wasn聮t about fixed rate mortgages vs adjustable rate mortgages (ARM). The gap was in age, experience, expectation nike cortez kopen dames , hopes and fears; a gap too wide to bridge.

To understand this gap, let聮s look at the adjustable rate mortgages. This type of mortgage loan is usually lower than the fixed rate and the lower rate means lower payment that in turn means easier qualification.

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Re: When lenders are considering yo

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Re: When lenders are considering yo

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