Potty training / withholding

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Potty training / withholding

Postby Tidy Saint » Wed Jul 17, 2013 10:25 pm

My son was really not keen on the idea of potty training. He got very upset at the meres suggestion. Nursery kind of forced my hand to potty train him at 2y +8m. He had two days of many accidents and then within less than a week he was dry, in big boy pants etc.

So far, so good. Recently however he started becoming very upset when sitting on the potty. He has been very ill with high fever since Sunday (a virus - no other symptoms) and I have noticed he now holds on to wees (and poos) for hours on end and when he eventually goes he gets very upset.

Not sure what caused this as previously he was quite proud of himself. Am getting concerned and not sure how to reverse this. He doesn't pee in his nappy (only worn during the night) either.
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