Lost Dog Martina in Streatham

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Lost Dog Martina in Streatham

Postby MrsCunningham » Thu Dec 17, 2015 1:25 pm

Martina is a smallish fawn coloured staffy, who looks a little like a whippet cross. She went missing on 24th November and her owners are finding life very difficult without her. She ran off from her walker in Biggin Woods to chase a fox but then became disorientated. She was seen in Crown point not long after this, then in West Norwood. We have had a mixture of sightings as far as Sydenham to Streatham Common. Dogs can travel vast distances, and can live on food they find in the street.

We are desperate to find her before the weather turns bad. What would help us enormously is for residents to print out an A4 poster, doesn't matter is its B&W - to put in their windows [home or business] or attach to a gate - we just want to raise her profile.

Volunteers have managed to spot 3 other stray dogs, and rescue one as people are phoning or facebooking us with sightings with dogs they think are Martina or just more aware that help is needed for stray dogs.

If you would like to download a poster please go to https://www.dropbox.com/s/kcpz0jr6dv9r4 ... 5.pdf?dl=0 to download a PDF

We appreciate any help you can give with sightings - past or present, so we can pinpoint sightings on a map and focus our search. We know shes out there but as a shy dog, is keeping a low profile.

If you do see her, do not approach directly. Dogs who have been out on their own for a while are scared and will run. Just contact the owners and let them know ASAP so they cant try and locate her. A small reward leading towards her being brought home will be offered.

If you know someone who may have taken Martina in because they like her please convince them to give her back. We can collect no questions asked. It is an offense to keep a dog found in the street without reporting it to your local council dog warden. Martina is chipped so can be reunited with her owners if handed in to a vet anywhere in Lambeth

Please join our facebook group if you think you can help https://www.facebook.com/groups/1513051222320515/ or help retweets our messages on Twitter at https://twitter.com/martinalostdog

Many thanks for your vigilance.
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