Bethesda support site leaks Fallout 76 customer info

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Bethesda support site leaks Fallout 76 customer info

Postby mmocs » Thu Dec 06, 2018 7:15 am

After the insane snafu with Fallout 76's collector's edition not having the correct bag, Bethesda was finally set to make everything right to its customers. To get a replacement bag, one just needed to head to the Bethesda support website and submit a ticket. In a few days, you'd be lugging around your power armor helmet with the correct material and everything would be hunky dory...or so we thought!

Bethesda was hoping to set a new standard with its recent release of Fallout 76, but it’s run into its fair share of trouble as well, between people asking for refunds and wondering why they got the wrong type of bag with their Power Armor Edition of the game. But now something much worse may have occurred, involving sensitive customer information.

The leaked info also included proof of purchase images used in those canvas bag replacement claims for Fallout 76 – you had to send a picture of a receipt in to get your replacement. That receipt could potentially include information like a credit card number. That’s a very bad thing. The bag replacement tickets would also include your name and shipping address. Best and Cheapest Fallout 76 Bottle Caps For Sale -

But to borrow a term that Bethesda itself used to describe the game's pre-release beta period, Fallout 76 is facing a new "spectacular issue," albeit one that's technically outside of the game client. Instead, the issue comes from the game's equally troubled $200 Power Armor edition: buyers of the Power Armor edition who went to Bethesda's site to resolve the issue were seeing their personally identifying data (PID) leaked to everybody else who was trying to resolve the issue.

Many of these users were submitting tickets for a replacement canvas bag after Bethesda included a cheaper nylon bag in the $200 Power Armor Edition due to the "unavailability of materials." This issue has since been resolved, as confirmed by Bethesda community manager LadyDevann on Bethesda's forum. Fallout 76 has had a bumpy few weeks since its launch on November 14, as players have been running into a lot of bugs and issues with this new style of Fallout game.

This is the latest development in the post-launch struggle for Fallout 76 that saw the game’s price fall by 50 percent in Black Friday sales, less than a month after launch. The Dec. 4 patch also re-ignited controversy by “stealth nerfing” several features and introducing a multitude of new game-breaking bugs. Now, Bethesda likely needs to revisit their customer safety protocols and deal with the fallout of this most recent leak.
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Re: Bethesda support site leaks Fallout 76 customer info

Postby BlakePrenzel » Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:07 pm

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Re: Bethesda support site leaks Fallout 76 customer info

Postby Angela01 » Tue Feb 19, 2019 9:22 pm

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