I am still shocked the Panthers walked away with a win today

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I am still shocked the Panthers walked away with a win today

Postby douhua2233 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:50 am

After being thoroughly dominated Color Rush Devin Funchess Jersey , the team woke up and overcame a 17 point deficit to beat the defending Super Bowl champs at home. Here’s the players who helped, and the ones that didn’t.WinnersTorrey SmithSmith hasn’t become a top wide receiver by any stretch, but over the last two games he’s absolutely showed up when the team needed it. He caught 4 pImageasses for 61 yards, including a key catch and run on 4th and 10 for the Panthers final, lead changing drive on offense. He’s been often maligned by Panthers fans, but over the last two weeks he’s turned it on in a big way on key drives. Cam Newton trusts him, and it appears he’s finally found his groove.Michael PalardyDespite a crazy wind during this game, Palardy consistently pinned Philadelphia in their own territory after punts. He gave the kicks enough hang time that his speedster Curtis Samuel was able to get down there and down the punts inside the five when he had his opportunities. Of all players, Palardy showed up from start to finish more than anyone else. Palardy continues to demonstrate why his extension was well deserved.Mario AddisonDespite going out early with a back injury, Addison was by far Carolina’s most consistent presence on the defensive line. He logged two sacks (though one was a simple miscue by Carson Wentz) and continued to get pressure on the outside. If Addison were to miss a significant amount of time, this defense would struggle to rush the passer.4th Quarter Cam NewtonNewton struggled for the large majority of the game, as the Eagles came after him early and often. However, after Curtis Samuel lit a fire under this offense Color Rush Taylor Moton Jersey , we saw Cam Newton let loose. He threw several beautiful passes at the end of the game and was on fire during the comeback effort. Cam may not be the most consistent quarterback, but he is one of the best when he’s in do or die mode.Luke Kuechly and Thomas DavisKuechly hasn’t quite been the dominant force we know this season, but in this game he seemed to inch his way back. Davis meanwhile, continues to play angry. The defense as a whole didn’t play great, but these two made momentum shifting tackles when the defense absolutely needed them. Looking forward to at least one last hurrah for this amazing duo.LosersField goal unitCome on man, they let not one but two field goals get away due to mental mistakes. Can you imagine what the game would have looked like with two field goals on the board? Two weeks ago, the field goal unit bailed out the offense. This week, the fourth quarter offense bailed out the field goal unit.James BradberryAlshon Jeffrey put the hurt on Bradberry today. He consistently got open and consistently got catches. Were it not for one good play by Bradberry in the 4th, Alshon would have all but silenced this team’s attempt at a comeback. The Panthers put a lot on Bradberry as their CB1, but this wasn’t the worst matchup he’s faced yet he got beat worse than he has all season.CoachingBruh. It took a herculean effort by Cam Newton and this offense in the end to win this game. This is the 3rd straight week that Carolina has beaten themselves with bad coaching. It shouldn’t require a two digit deficit to turn Cam Newton loose, and why is Michael Adams covering Zach Ertz? They figured it out in the end, against a good team at that, but this is three straight weeks of slow starts by the offense. This defense can no longer bail them out Color Rush James Bradberry Jersey , the offense needs to score points. Good things happen when Curtis Samuel and DJ Moore are on the field. Use your weapons, it isn’t that hard.Why Cam Newton is not the Carolina Panthers salary cap MVP Last week I highlighted the players who will likely compete to be the Panthers 2018 “Offensive Salary Cap MVPs” by significantly outplaying their 2018 cap hits. I narrowed the list down to C.J. Anderson, Jarius Wright, and Tyler Larsen, but several of the CSR faithful made the case in the comments that Cam Newton is the Panthers actual Salary Cap MVP. I thought a healthy debate about Cam’s 2018 cap number could prove to be entertaining, so let’s go there. And just to jump ahead, the answer to the question if Cam is the Panthers 2018 Salary Cap MVP is a clear “No.”Cam vs. all other QBsCam is entering the third season of a 5-year, $103.8 million deal. His cap hit in 2018 will be $21.5 million. Cam’s 2018 cap his is the 13th highest among NFL quarterbacks. But before jumping to the conclusion that his cap number is a great value because he’s better than the 13th best QB in the league (which he clearly is), we have to look at the actual cap numbers of other top-tier signal callers. Here are the QBs with the highest 2018 cap hits, per Spotrac:UntitledRankName2018 Cap Hit (Millions)Pro BowlsSB Wins as StarterRankName2018 Cap Hit (Millions)Pro BowlsSB Wins as StarterNewton’s cap number is sandwiched right between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, arguably the two best quarterbacks in the league. Let’s exclude Jimmy Garoppolo for a moment because his $37.0 million cap hit is an outlier based on 2018 being the first year of his new monster contract. (His cap number drops to $20.0 million in 2019 to balance things out.) Excluding Garoppolo and Cam, the average 2018 cap hit for the No. 2 through No. 16 QB is $22.8 million, which is just a hair above Cam’s $21.5 million. This group includes several Super Bowl winners and regular Pro Bowlers. Cam vs. the NFL’s “Top 5” QBsNow let’s just compare Cam to the other top QBs in the league. With Cam excluded Youth Kawann Short Jersey , here is my Top 5 list, which is obviously open for debate:UntitledName2018 Cap Hit (Millions)Name2018 Cap Hit (Millions)The cap figure for a Top 5 NFL quarterback in 2018 is $22.9 million, which is right in line with Cam’s $21.5 million. Even if Cam turns in one of the best QB performances of the year in 2018, the Panthers are basically getting their money’s worth. But that’s like saying a Ferrari owner is “only” getting the expected value of a Ferrari. There’s nothing wrong with that. A Ferrari is still a Ferrari!By stating Cam is not the Panthers Salary Cap MVP, I am not disrespecting him. Cam’s my guy. He’s an elite NFL QB. As I’ve previously written, the only metric to measure Cam’s performance is in wins, and he’s one of the winningest QBs in the NFL. Only Country Time can rival Cam Newton in the number of times he’s made lemonade out of the lemons the Panthers have given him in terms of subpar weapons and frustrating offensive schemes. Cam’s a top-tier QB, no doubt, but his cap hit is just about where it should be for his caliber of signal caller. No disrespect. Just the truth.
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