The thinker Tolstoy once said that

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The thinker Tolstoy once said that

Postby ylq » Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:09 am

The thinker Tolstoy once said that "ideal means the road light. There is no firm direction without ideals; there is no life without direction." I want to say that the ideal is stone, knocking out a little bit of spark; ideal is fire, igniting that extinguish The light; the ideal is water Marlboro Lights, watering the tree of life...en I was in the clothing store, I saw people picking up the clothes they liked with joy; watching the children wear new clothes in the face of the mirror Carton Of Marlboro Reds, when they saw the mother carefully care for the cherished clothes. I know that a beautiful dress can bring you a happy mood and a feeling of happiness. Therefore, the fashion designer has become my ideal, and the fashion designer has become the goal of my struggle. you want to be a fashion designer, you must have a deep artistic background. I am now working on a sketching class to train my artistic skills. It is also very important to be a fashion designer. I want to constantly improve my own Carton Of Newports. Aesthetic ability, in order to make a good work; want to be a fashion designer color is also very important, which color is better with which color? How to match? However, the idea of ??being a fashion designer is the most important. There is no idea, no inspiration, no matter how good it is, no good work can be done. Nowadays, I often look at some fashion magazines to see how other designers design clothes. What is the characteristic of this dress?to be a designer, hard! It is even harder to be a fashion designer! Want to be a good fashion designer, it is even more difficult! Many people think that what a young age is a fashion designer! It��s just whimsical. Although it is very difficult to be a fashion designer, I believe that as long as you work hard, you will succeed! Just like "iron rod grinding into a needle" Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, "water drop stone wear" seems impossible, as long as you insist, you will succeed!he ideal is water, pouring out the seedlings of life; the ideal is the road Marlboro Cigarettes Price, the success; the ideal is the flower, the fruit of life!
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