Mr. Lu Xun said: "Life is a matter

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Mr. Lu Xun said: "Life is a matter

Postby ylq » Tue Sep 25, 2018 8:10 am

Mr. Lu Xun said: "Life is a matter of knowing one's own Marlboro Gold, and Shishi is to look at it with the same kind of mind." It is a happy thing to have a friend in his life. It can be said that my friend is another me, because my friends and I are inseparable. friend, she has many brown spots on her face, a small mouth, a pair of black bean eyes. Although she is not beautiful, but two small black beans are enough to prove her cute. Although sometimes stupid, but stupid is naive. Although not special, I like her ordinary. We have many common hobbies, like playing badminton, like reading books, and enjoying music. . . . . . This lot of love has become the best reason for us to be good friends. We are in the same school, the same class, and even the seat I am in front of her. Of course, we often help each other. In terms of learning, if she does not have a question, I will teach her step by step. And when I didn't know how to choose to read those books, she gave me a big help. Under the class, we sometimes chat, sometimes make troubles, and sometimes stick together. When we are out of school, we always go home together, go to the cram school together Marlboro Gold Pack, and eat together. All in all, we are always together. I remember once, in the physical education class, she was injured because of playing basketball. She cried very badly Newport Cigarettes Price. I have never seen her cry so badly, and there is a worry in my heart that I have never had before. In the physical education class, I took her to the water pipe to rinse. When I rinsed, I asked her: "Is it still hurting?" She endured tears and said softly: "There is a little pain Marlboro Cigarettes Online." After washing, I knew that the bruises on her arms gradually disappeared, my heart The stone just friend Cigarettes Online, she likes it, I like it too, she is worried, I am worried. I am willing to be a good friend of her life and spend many wonderful moments with her. She, my friend, Ma Zhuoyu.
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