"Children's dreams, colorful

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"Children's dreams, colorful

Postby ylq » Tue Aug 07, 2018 6:50 am

"Children's dreams, colorful dreams. Childhood songs Newport 100S, joyful songs. A series of childhood footprints, childhood stories." My childhood is like the stars in the sky. Today I will pick the most. A bright one to share with ter when I was seven years old. One morning, my friends and I were playing in the snow. We sang, danced, chased... There was a burst of laughter from the snow. Playing and playing, I was like a New World, and I was amazed. I saw a magnet covered with hoarfrost. For me at that time, it was clearly a natural "ice cake." The little friends heard the sound and saw the natural "ice cream" Newport Cigarettes Price, and they began to talk about it. "Look! This is like a piece of 'ice cream'!" "This is the 'ice cream'! This is simply Tiangong��s masterpiece!�� ��This piece of 'ice cake' must be sweeter than the store!�� How Much Is A Carton Of Newports.oved to try the idea of ??the natural "ice cream", but no one dares to taste it. I thought: Isn't it a natural "big ice cream"? What's great! Destroy it, for me, isn��t Zhang Fei eating bean sprouts �C a piece of cake? I strode to the "ice cream" in the cheers of my friends and fell down. But no matter how long I stretched my tongue, I couldn't get the natural "ice cream". I simply leaned down and supported the ground with both hands, bowed my head and put out my tongue. Who knows, my tongue is just close to the piece of "ice cream", just like being sucked by a magnet, when I react, it is too late! My tongue is already integrated with the "ice cream". My "ah--, ah--..." screamed, the little friends saw it and thought it was "ice cream" to eat people! When he ran, he ran and shouted: "Help, ��Ice Cake�� is eating people! Eat people!�� At this time, I am left alone in the snow, I thought: Hey! This is over. Is it a big guy who is going to die under this "ice cream"?all my strength to move back, my tongue was finally smashed down, I was saved! I suddenly felt my tongue numb, a touch, ah! It��s all blood! I was so scared that I ran to my house and cried Marlboro Menthol 100S, "My tongue is falling!" My tongue is 'falling'!..." When I got home, I told my mother about the ins and outs of this matter. Once again, my mother smiled. This smile made me smile Marlboro Red. My mother took a mirror and let me take a photo. I saw it, eh? My tongue didn't fall, just a piece of skin. In a blink of an eye, I broke into a smile and said, "My tongue is backl dreams. Childhood songs, joyful songs. A series of childhood footprints, a childhood story." Ah! Childhood is really memorable!
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