he two-century sports meeting i

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he two-century sports meeting i

Postby ylq » Tue Jul 24, 2018 7:48 am

he two-century sports meeting is about to begin. The rules of the game are very simple, that is, swimming for 3,000 light years, then running for 5,000 light years, and then cycling around the solar system for 2 weeks. The game started, the lifeguards whispered on the side, the level is getting higher and higher, we just have to be completely ineffective, the voice just fell, "Help, save lives." When the lifeguard pulled the earth up, Mercury was shocked. Actually, the last champion of the earth was drowning. The earth explained that humans have excessively felled trees and caused soil erosion. Mercury looked down and the pool was full of sludge Marlboro Gold Pack. Mercury was shocked and said: "How do you get this disease?" "Oh, not because the tree is too small, the resistance is poor." "Forget it, I will send you directly to the runway." Mercury said. The Earth just stunned on the ground just after getting on the runway. Saturn rushed over and raised the earth to ask the long question: "Sister How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, the last time you were at the end, this time it was only 3,000 kilometers and you were tired!" "Now I have difficulty breathing, don't Said to run 5,000 light years." "Then I will take you to the bicycle track!" The earth went to the bicycle track. Everyone thought that the earth should reverse the situation. I didn't expect that the earth would be shocked without riding for a long time. Everyone was in a hurry Marlboro Menthol 100S. He sent it to the Center for the Universe, and Uranus, who won the first place, was indignant at the earth��s contribution to humanity. The doctor��s diagnosis was that there was too much carbon dioxide in the earth, and the temperature was rising every year. Uranus sent out to humans. A proposal: Good people, look at the Mother Earth that feeds you. She is suffering from unprecedented pain Marlboro Red. If your Mother Earth is not there Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, where are you going? You should protect and protect the environment, and let her youth and vitality! We must plant more trees, protect the environment, and not litter. We must protect our homes! ! !
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