Why does Aunt Changyi write such

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Why does Aunt Changyi write such

Postby ylq » Tue Jul 24, 2018 7:48 am

Why does Aunt Changyi write such a person into the book? The master of the book, Li, looks at how ordinary she is, loves to be late, does not like physical education Wholesale Cigarettes, loves to be sleepy, likes to walk alone, these are everyone's comments on her. After reading this book, I realized that her biggest feature is that she likes to "dream". She is doing strange and colorful dreams one after another. What kind of environment can she make such a childlike dream? Let's put it into the book together and feel her drs", "Flying Pockets", "Milk Rainbow"... This is her dream, we take the dream of creamy sugar as an example. In the self-study class, Li looked as if she was sleepy as usual. She dreamed that she would go to the canteen to buy sugar. The beautiful dreamy milk candy sold very well Cigarettes Cheaper. Li took a look and bought a wish: I hope my bird Healthy and safe. The dream came true, and the bird returned to her side. Li also knows what the taste of toffee is, and generally says that the taste of sugar is oh! And she is different. What is this taste? In the sweet and full-bodied milk, there is a scent of tender grass that has just grown out of the earth. Yes, this is the taste of spring! It felt like the bird was back Marlboro Red 100S, but the bird flew away along the kite. Li did not ask Mom and Dad to catch it back, nor was it sad, but full of envy, envious of the freedom of the bird, it can fly into the sky. I opened my eyes and found that I fell asleep at the some people are nightmares, some people are dreams, but Li's dreams are so strange, colorful, full of beautiful fantasy. Li��s parents are very childlike, because whenever she dreams, her mother will discuss with her and continue to write interesting stories. I think Li��s dream is very interesting. When he grows up, he must be an extraordinary girl. I want to say to Li: If you succeed after growing up, you must thank your parents, because they have created a space for children, and parents have given you unlimited illusions with infinite love. Leading you to the path of success, your parents, like all parents, are great and unselfish to give us love. This book writes the children's thoughts at school Marlboro Gold, writes the colorful dreams of the students Newport 100S, and writes the parents' illusions that the children are full of beauty with selfless love. It is a great book!
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