Post Meal Problems

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Post Meal Problems

Postby kevinmanuel » Sat Apr 21, 2018 8:54 am


I feel a bit embarassed posting this as so many of you have more difficult situations than I do at the moment but this meal problem is starting to cast a shadow over every evening. Any suggestions or commiserations would be welcome.For the past year my husband has started to get more and more picky about what he will eat. At first it was just dinner but now the problem seems to be ocurring at lunch too. At the moment all meats like steaks, stews, roasts, of any type animal are now off limits. He seems to have a chewing problem with them and will chew awhile and then spit out what's in his mouth. He doesn't like chicken. Duck is "too rich". He will eat fish every now and then as long as its sole, nothing else. Shrimp, crabmeat and scallops were once okay but now are nearing the taboo list. A nice salad? "Rabbit food". A quiche? Well you can imagine the response to that. Vegetarian? Well, we'd be limited to potatoes, corn, peas (sometimes) and brussels sprouts. Avocados and artichokes just hit the taboo list as being too sweet. Take out? Mexican food is out. Chinese? Only if I drive thirty miles round trip to a chinese restaurant on St. Armand's Key. The last time I was mad enough to do that he said the food wasn't very good. Our local restaurants all do take-out but when I show him their menus he doesn't like anything.So I'm cooking out of the miscellaneous section of the cookbook. I've tried offering him a few choices but decisions are too hard for him. Tonight after the usual rope-a dope I said he would have to eat ice cream and a banana (a favorite lunch) and he looked so pitiful I rustled up something he could eat. He is a controlled diabetic so I do have to be careful and I do have some protein shakes in the refrigerator just in case. And I do realize that his medications and the disease may have changed his sense of taste.

Please help.

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