Renationalisation of the railways

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Renationalisation of the railways

Postby Nelson » Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:42 am

I no longer commute by train to work. I've found cycling to be time and cost efficient in comparison.

With that caveat, and with a distinct possibility that I may do so again in the near future, I have looked on in horror at the continued above inflation ticket price rises that commuters are subjected to. 13% does not seem reasonable or fair.

The endless closures of track for maintenance at weekends because this is when it is cheapest to do the work rather than the most convenient for commuters (which would be at night) continues to make travelling at weekend a nightmare to plan.

A lack of competition for services means passengers face the same monopoly of service they did under British Rail and the associated bind that means there is little one can do about rising ticket prices.

The legacy of an ill-thought-out privatisation programme left a myriad of operating companies offering competiting and not complementary timetables and a further company owning the infrastructure. A logisitical gordian knot.

I move that the Labour Party should make it a manifesto commitment to renationalise the entire network as-and-when franchises come to an end and run the entire network on a not-for-profit basis. Borrowing from the Treasury at favourable rates for infrastructure and rolling stock investment would by-pass the cry of "where will the money come from?" and passengers would benefit from cheaper fares.

An industry already heavily subsidised by the tax payer is not privatised. It is using tax payers money to line the pockets of shareholders. A ridiculous situation.

The knock-on effect of reduced car usage and the associated environmental benefits would be significant.

I commend this motion to the House.
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Re: Renationalisation of the railways

Postby Swahcaers » Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:19 am

I agree your points. The case for national listing rail operators is persuasive due to the fact the benefit operators including Virgin deliver to passengers is minimum in comparison with the a ways extra achievement of kingdom-sponsored network Rail. Certainly, a saving of £222m according to 12 months is higher than nothing while a few public blessings are being axed for comparable profits. Though, Corbyn is inside the classic post-credit score crunch bind:common possession of rail, as with fitness, housing and strength, is a not unusual exact. However he'll warfare to pay for it.
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