at last, proper firewood

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at last, proper firewood

Postby log delivery » Thu Aug 14, 2014 12:56 am

ALL NEW; Please read and take note if you have experienced any disappointing firewood purchases..

We are going to provide a home delivery service of convenient amounts of top quality, fully seasoned logs; for your winter fire pleasure

Starting mid September..Please take note and drop us an email at

We guarantee that the firewood we deliver will be properly seasoned logs - no damp - no mould - top notch logs from a sustainable and traceable source, placed at your door for a weekend of firewood excellence with absolute convenience.

We offer a weekends worth of firewood, which will knock the socks off any local convenience supplier; guaranteed. Absolutely guaranteed.

Moisture content monitored firewood, so you can enjoy the benefits of a hassle free and super efficient wood fire experience.

No more damp or oversized logs, just lovingly seasoned, manageable and satisfying firewood conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Delivered in a 100% biodegradable bag, you can choose to re-use bag for garden waste or compost the bag following Southwark Councils guidelines. Re-cycle for future deliveries, or simply use as a means to light your fire.

Please email; for more info..

Please note this is a convenience service offering a weekends supply, catering for the poor souls who spend their hard earned cash buying readily available plastic nets of wet, mouldy firewood.

We guarantee that our firewood is seasoned to perfection, you will be stunned at the difference..
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