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TORONTO , Canada, June 15 (Xinhua) -- Hundreds of cyclists strapped on their sneakers, helmets and not much else for the World Naked Bike Ride's 10th anniversary in Toronto over the weekend.

The event's dress code is "as bare as you dare". While most were completely naked, organizers say they encourage people to wear as much, or as little clothing as they choose , in order to foster an atmosphere of fun, solidarity and mutual respect.

The ride, which brought out close to 200 cyclists for the 14km trek this year in downtown Toronto, is a protest against car and oil dependency. Co-organizer Gene Dare, who's been a part of the movement for the last six years , believes it's a foolproof way to get people to stop and listen to what they have to say.

"This is the shock value. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) uses it for the treatment of animals, feminists use it in Ukraine and in Europe to bring a message to go topless and they do a protest," he said. "When you're naked, people notice, traffic stops and nobody complains."

The event first started in Vancouver back in 2003 as a peaceful , anti-war movement, which then transformed into a ride to raise awareness for cyclists and to protest against the oil-dependent society.

"I just want to tell people, be careful with oil consumption, there's other alternative energy to be used, electric cars , electric bikes, solar, it's pretty much unlimited 'cause people keep focusing on oil still," said Dare. "One day it'll all disappear."

Though nowadays, Dare says the bike ride has pretty much become a platform for people to protest about whatever they choose.

For 47-year-old John Sweeney , one of the dozens of nude cyclists who gathered in the park to mingle and paint environmental messages onto their bodies, his message was simple. As a nudist since he was 17, Sweeney says he's hoping people will start to accept him for who he is.

"It gives us the chance to show that you know what, there's nothing wrong with the human body, we're all born nude , there's nothing sexual about it, there's nothing perverse about it," he said.

While most were veterans at the event, there were also a few newbies, like 24-year-old Shelly , who drove three hours into Toronto on her own just to take part in her first ride.

"I couldn't convince anyone to come with me," she said. "I think they're just chicken."

Beginning in Canada, the event has now spread to over 75 cities in 17 countries.

The Best Histotechnology In North Carolina The Best Histotechnology In North Carolina June 28, 2013 | Author: Elba Abbott | Posted in Education

Histology is the science in which cells are used to form tissues. Histotechnology on the other hand deals with treatment of any problem with these tissues. The histotechnology in North Carolina is one of the places they treat tissues; they use dyes to find out if the cells have any problem.

Colors of these dyes exist differently making it easier to know if the cells have a problem. This will help to diagnose any tumor that may cause the patient to be unwell. Early diagnosis will help in treating the disease early thus preventing the tumor from spreading to different parts of the body. It will also help the doctor to know precisely the treatment that he needs to use.

It will be easy to know which tissue needs to be treated; this will allow the doctor to give it special attention. This will help to find the place that has the tumor and thus making it easier to treat. Early detection will make it easier to treat the illness at hand.

Several procedures are followed in this treatment. The first thing is to get the sample of the patient’s tissues. Tissues are put in the right shape to get the needed size which is entered into the records of the patient’s books.

Next they are placed in containers that will keep them fresh in preparation for further examinations. They are then made solid by use of paraffin wax. The benefit and outcome of this wax is that it will make it easy to cut these tissues.

A person then proceeds to the next step which is embedding. This is whereby the tissue is placed in a block of wax. An instrument known as microtome is used to place them; this is important as it will make it easy when they will be partitioned. Tissues are then placed in water to make them soft and ready for examination.

Specialist need to do staining to be able to identify the problem. To add color, several chemicals can be used. The specialist will be required to add some DNA probes which will help in finding out if there are any bacteria in the tissue. Specialists will be required to follow these procedures one by one to be able to get the tissue ready for examination. All these are the work that histotechnologists do before they can start treatment on the patient. It is demanding , and one has to be ready for any challenges that they may encounter in the course of their duty.

Histotechnology in North Carolina will be a good place where one will find the specialist who is qualified. This work needs people who are committed to what they are doing. Your health is of most importance; this is the reason why a person needs to go to someone who will be able to do a proper diagnosis on them to know what they are supposed to treat. All the procedures are needed before a specialist can make his final conclusion on the problem. They will assist him in proper treatment of the patient. It is essential to find a person who has vast experience in this field, and this can be achieved by doing a proper research.
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